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Notable quotes about Microsoft and others in the software ecosystem

By November 18, 2012Uncategorized

“Mobile is hot, so it’s natural that open-source IDEs would be turning to mobile — just as many of them emerged solely for web development when that was the new hotness. Open source is very opportunistic, and mobile is the opportunity that is knocking.”
–       Doug Seven, executive vice president, Telerik
“[CEO Meg] Whitman has referred to HP as the only end-to-end solutions company, but we don’t think CIOs go out to buy cloud computing because the same supplier sells PCs.”
–       Steve Milunovich, UBS hardware analyst
“Is Microsoft doomed if Windows 8 fails? Of course not. Steve Ballmer, who has survived Windows Vista and the Kin smartphone, probably isn’t even doomed.”
–       Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., columnist for The Wall Street Journal
“The technology business,” said Ballmer in a moment of self-revelation, “is not like the brownie mix product that I worked on [at Procter & Gamble.] The pace is just not the same. In technology, you have to re-invent yourself more frequently.”
–       Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft

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