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Notable quotes about IoT, women and others in the software industry ecosystem

By February 23, 2014Uncategorized

You think of it [a petabyte] as a pretty big system today, but in 10 years, you won’t even be able to buy systems that small. Today, a petabyte is half a cabinet, but you go out 10 years, and that’s like part of a server. It won’t even qualify as an enterprise-scale system. — Chris Gladwin, founder and vice chairman of storage vendor Cleversafe

We see the establishment of a global trade group [International M2M Council for the Internet of Things] for the M2M as an absolute strategic imperative for the entire industry. We expect the IMC to play a key role in the development of M2M, with concrete benefits that will accrue to its members. — Juergen Hase, VP of the M2M Competence Center at Deutsche Telekom and the IMC’s Chairman

As businesses increasingly consider IP address management necessary for effective network management, growing trends such as BYOD and The Internet of Things are making it more complicated by attaching a diverse and unpredictable array of devices to the network. IT Pros now have to manage hoards of new IP addresses and must consider how to consolidate their management platforms without disruptive rip-and-replace upgrades or expensive new appliances. — Chris LaPoint, VP product management, SolarWinds

There’s unique challenges that women in different industries face. Women in science are struggling against the lab coat culture, women in engineering are facing the hard hat culture and women in technology are facing the geeky, late-night hacking culture. — Tara Gonsalves, senior research associate, Center for Talent Innovation

IoT [Internet of Things] stakeholders span industries and cross international boundaries, encompassing a ‘super community’ of end-users and participants from the public and private sectors. “Because IoT represents a huge business opportunity, commercial entities are already attempting to shape its evolution. — Andrew Aitken, managing director, Black Duck Consulting and Open Source Think Tank founder

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