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Notable quotes about Intel, Marissa Mayer and others in the software industry ecosystem

By August 18, 2013Uncategorized
[Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer] is extremely driven, and that inspires people. Developers are excited about working for a leader like her, someone who says, ‘I’m in; who’s with me?’ And they’re excited about working for an underdog. – Henry Blodgett, CEO, Business Insider
Just because you [BlackBerry] were wildly successful in the past doesn’t guarantee future success using the same strategy. In other words, don’t believe your own press and don’t become a victim of your success. No matter how innovative you are as a company, if you build the wrong innovations, that is, innovations that no one wants, then it just doesn’t matter. – Michael Fauscette, Group Vice President, Software Business Solutions, IDC
Software is becoming an important building block in chip design, and customization will help applications gather, manage and analyze data a lot quicker. – Ron Kasabian, general manager of big data solutions, Intel
Ask statisticians, and they will tell you that they have been analyzing big data — or “data,” as they less redundantly call it — for centuries. As they like to argue, big data isn’t much more than a sexier version of statistics, with a few new tools that allow us to think more broadly about what data can be and how we generate it. – Samuel Arbesman, applied mathematician and network scientist and author of “The Half-Life of Facts.”

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