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Notable quotes about Instagram, HP and others in the software industry ecosystem

By August 25, 2013Uncategorized

We see a lot of stuff in development around big data toolkits — things like Mongo and Cassandra — and there’s not a lot of security built into these tools. It’s actually pretty frightening how insecure these tools are by default, yet they’re becoming the back-end for most of the big data services being sold today. – H.D. Moore, chief research officer at Rapid7
I strongly believe that your success will be more defined by what you choose not to do than by what you choose to do. … What made Instagram? … Or most recently the smashing and unstoppable success that is WhatsApp? … While many companies chased features, functions, integrations, platforms, toys, conferences … these companies quietly sharpened the saw. Made life easier. Proved out their business one incremental change at a time. Methodically. They seem to all have avoided shiny objects, hard pivots or the latest fad. – Mark Suster, general partner at GRP Partners, and former founder and CEO of Koral (acquired by
We’re trying to set up HP for another great run. – Meg Whitman, CEO, HP
[I]t’s clear that VARs (value added resellers) and MSPs (managed service providers) have warmed up to cloud computing, rather than fearing disintermediation. Overall, the cloud market is healthy, growing – and attracting more channel partners by the day. – Talkin’ Cloud report

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