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Notable quotes about HP, Zynga, Microsoft, Google and others in the software industry ecosystem

By June 9, 2013Uncategorized

With H-P and Oracle feuding, this seems like a good opportunity for Dell and Oracle to cozy up with each other. Essentially the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
–          Patrick Moorhead, analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy
The reason Silicon Valley hates Zynga is simple: At a time when tech founders are hell-bent on proving that they are tackling big problems, Zynga fully encapsulated the most common criticisms of the tech sector — that it’s focused on small, silly innovations; that its companies are valued at billions of dollars despite selling only virtual time-wasters. It’s a company that had a $7 billion IPO and grew at an astounding rate despite selling nothing more real or tangible than purple cows and FarmVille tractors.
–          Kevin Roose, business/tech writer, New York Magazine
The product [wearable technology] is only as good as the data it produces. The novelty factor will wear off [for consumers], so businesses will have to focus on how useful the product is for them.
–          John Engates, CTO, Rackspace
Microsoft does have an advantage over Amazon and Google: Many enterprises use its software to run clouds in their own data centers, which is called “private cloud.” If Microsoft can get these customers using its cloud services, too, that could eat into Amazon’s lead and make it more difficult for Google to get into the game.
–          Kevin McLaughlin, enterprise tech writer, Business Insider

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