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Notable quotes about HP, Yahoo, Google and others in the software ecosystem

By July 29, 2012Uncategorized

“I think the HP break is what is pushing Oracle over the edge. … [L]osing HP meant it really wasn’t competitive with IBM anymore, and instead of turning it into a more efficient weapon, Sun turned Oracle into a dud. Its customer lock-in on the Oracle side is offsetting what otherwise might be a disaster, but now having to face both HP and IBM has proven daunting, particularly since it appears EMC, Cisco and SAP are aligning to attack it as well.”
Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst, Enderle Group (tech commentators)
“Chris O’Brien of SiliconBeat drew on the advice he gave former CEO Carol Bartz three years ago: For Yahoo to ’Go social’ and compete head-on with Facebook. But three years is a long period in Internet time, and Ms. Mayer’s options for turning Yahoo around will be even more limited than those available to her predecessors.”
Maryam Nabi, blogger,
“Online giants don’t always take sides publicly, but it’s OK for one former Google executive [Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg] to congratulate another former Google executive [Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer]. Big G’s two most prolific female executives are now working at Google competitors, and that’s interesting.”
The Motley Fool staff
“I moved to the center of the tech industry from New York City last year, and I have never experienced anywhere quite like the Valley. The money here is obscene. … Everyone here introduces themselves as an ‘entrepreneur.’ … This belief that everyone is an entrepreneur has a stultifying effect. It can drive founders to seek an easy acquisition instead of a quest for true innovation and a sustainable, profitable business — a truly entrepreneurial challenge.”
Nick Bilton, blogger, New York Times

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