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Notable quotes about HP, Salesforce, Oracle and others in the software industry ecosystem

By April 14, 2013Uncategorized

We remain committed to Autonomy; we remain committed to the brand, to Cambridge, to the U.K. [where Autonomy is based]. /it is an almost magical technology.
–          Meg Whitman, CEO, HP
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, valuation will always matter. …, inc.‘s ascent to the top of the cloud discussion doesn’t justify its gaudy stock price. It didn’t make sense three years ago and it still doesn’t make sense today.
–          Richard Saintvilus, contributor, The Motley Fool
Typically we don’t like people messing with our intellectual property.
–          Mark Hurd, Oracle co-president
Google has evolved from an endearing Internet startup to an imposing giant running Web and mobile services that vacuum intimate details about people’s lives. Despite repeated management assurances about respecting personal privacy, Google has experienced several lapses that have resulted in regulatory fines, settlements and scorn around the world.
This is a powerful merger as the technologies of the two companies [Actian Corp and Pervasive Software] are industry leading and clearly very complementary. This is particularly the case in the area of highly parallelized and scale-up, scale-out data integration and database. In my view, the combination of these technologies will provide Actian with a performance capability for BI and Data Analytics which no other company can currently equal.
–          Robin Bloor, chief analyst and co-founder, The Bloor Group
[It] made me wonder where Stanford ends and Silicon Valley begins. Or, put cheekily, is Stanford now just a tech incubator with a football team?
–          Nicholas Thompson, editor, The New