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Notable quotes about HP, NetSuite, Oracle and others in the software industry ecosystem

By July 7, 2013Uncategorized

HP’s strategy is to provide solutions for the new style of IT. We’re the only company with the depth and breadth to address all the areas.
–          Meg Whitman, CEO, HP
We pushed back [on price reduction on Oracle’s BI Foundation Suite] asking for clarification to explain if there was a reduction in functionality or any prerequisite that had been added. For Oracle to put out a substantial price reduction with no guidance was odd. There’s usually some gotcha.
–          Eliot Arlo Colon, president, Miro
With its great expertise in operating markets, Deutsche Börse is making it possible for the first time to standardise and trade [cloud computing] fully electronically IT capacity in the same way as securities, energy and commodities. … It’s the same with bananas. It is possible to agree on a price, without all the bananas looking the same.
–          Michael Osterloh, board member, Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange
Think of this as a continuing integration of our products closer and closer together. Every quarter, you will see us [NetSuite and Oracle] do more work together.
–          Mark Hurd, co-president, Oracle
Yes, there is a lot of hype around big data, but it is this hype that is allowing us to use big data in innovative ways.
–          Adrian Wood, director of emerging technologies at Hitachi Data Systems

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