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Notable quotes about HP, MemSQL, Apple and others in the software industry ecosystem

By January 26, 2014Uncategorized

I’ve always believed that you always regret what you didn’t do, not what you did. I knew if I hadn’t done this decision [to leave his job as a Google engineer], I’d always kick myself. — Eric Frenkiel, CEO of MemSQL

Even if the story ended with Apple’s existing product and software lines, we would still choose to make Apple our largest investment. But there is more to the story! (CEO) Tim Cook keeps saying that he expects to introduce ‘new products in new categories’ and yet very few people seem to be listening. — Carl Icahn, investor

When I started 15 years ago, I decided to put the headquarters in San Francisco. That was a very contrarian thing to do. The urbanization of technology had not really begun. … San Francisco is a city of innovators. And it’s also a city of immigrants. People are constantly coming to San Francisco, and that’s not any different today. Now, we have a new tech boom in San Francisco. This is very much an extension of what’s been going on in San Francisco for 150 years. — Marc Benioff, CEO,

We have managed to get to a point where IT managers are saying: I know I’ve got these rogue clouds, do I care or do I not care? What data is involved here? Is it just developers doing some pilot applications or is it an employee using some cloud collaboration app and I don’t know what information has just walked out the door? — Margaret Dawson, vice president of product marketing and cloud evangelist, HP Cloud

People in Silicon Valley are always on the lookout for the next hot thing, so employee turnover — unless you’re one of the hottest companies — can be very high. We made an assumption that the talent would be available in the D.C. region, and it turned out that it was. — William Clark, CEO, Savi