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Notable quotes about HP, Apples and others in the software ecosystem

By September 24, 2012Uncategorized

“I would hate for customers who don’t know how they’re going to use SaaS and are looking at one vendor [launching] all this stuff while they’re still figuring out what they need, and not just what’s available from Salesforce.”
Daryl Plummer, Gartner analyst
“One hundred billion of anything is amazing. The Treasure Data service is handling some insanely big data for its blue chip customer base.”
Bill Tai, Treasure Data Investor and Board Member
“Oh my god. Apple maps are the worst ever. It is like using MapQuest on a BlackBerry.”
Twitter message
“There’s a huge movement toward using the cloud as the platform, and it’s going to be hard for HP to compete.”
Joshua Greenbaum, analyst and principal, Enterprise Applications Consulting
“We did take a detour into smartphones, and we’ve got to get it right this time/”
Meg Whitman, chief executive, Hewlett-Packard

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