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Notable quotes about Hadoop, HP and others in the software industry ecosystem

By April 7, 2013Uncategorized

HP could be the next IBM if it were to develop a tech consulting arm, which would be a cash-flow machine. But it hasn’t said anything about doing so. Instead, the company is working on a 3-D mobile display, a technology that’s easy to disrupt, doesn’t help in terms of a moat, and may not even be patent-protected.
–          Austin Smith, The Motley Fool contributor
The sale of software licences is a leading indicator of the transformation projects that are happening globally. If software does not sell, it means that not many large implementations and change projects are happening. So given this, it is going to be a tough time for Indian companies, at least for the next 12-18 months.
–          Samiron Ghoshal, partner and national leader, IT advisory, Ernst & Young
There is one group that should be worried about the disruption Facebook’s mobile play will have on their business.That group is the mobile phone network operators.
–          Ewan Spence, Forbes
As Hadoop has become a de facto standard, so has the notion of building on top of it with open source. There is some advantage in software innovation, but it is momentary. Once something is known to be possible, there are enough smart programmers out there that reproducing it becomes straightforward. (Because of this, I gloomily predict no shortage of patent battles in the not-too-distant future.)
–          Edd Dumbill, editor in chief, Big Data

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