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Notable quotes about Hadoop, Facebook and others in the software industry ecosystem

By March 23, 2014Uncategorized

Salesforce has been growing revenue by 25% per year, while Oracle’s are no longer growing at all. But Salesforce is also pushing investment as hard as it can, losing money three years running, while Oracle now brings one dollar of revenue in every four to the net income line. … Combine the two and Oracle would still have poor growth, but it would have some forward momentum, it would have a viable cloud play, and Salesforce would have a huge capital pot with which to grow even faster. — Dana Blankenhorn, tech journalist

[Facebook] will never be Apple nor match Google unless Google crashes and burns or is taken apart by a government. However they could increase their revenue through apps sharply and for mobile users this could be the best way to revenue and profit because it directly deals with the small screen issues. — Rob Enderle, principal analyst, The Enderle Group

Apache Hadoop didn’t disrupt the datacenter, the data did. — Shaun Connolly, VP of strategy, Hortonworks

In essence start up employees are marking to market the stock options they haven’t earned yet against the options they haven’t yet received in companies they haven’t yet heard of. It’s the Back to the Future arbitrage. Welcome to Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley it seems like anyone who went to Cal or Stanford feels like they deserve a minimum startup valuation of 8mm dollars or more. Why? Seriously? Why? — Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and billionaire internet entrepreneur

Mixing and matching cloud and on-premises products in the same agreement, and allowing customers to migrate back and forth, is something every software company needs to work on from a licensing perspective. — Amy Konary, IDC analyst


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