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Notable quotes about Google, VMware, IBM and others in the software industry ecosystem

By March 2, 2014Uncategorized

IBM’s Watson is a pretty weak reader on each page, but it read the 200m pages of Wikipedia. And basically what I’m doing at Google is to try to go beyond what Watson could do. To do it at Google scale. — Ray Kurzweil, engineering director, Google

We think about it in terms of how many of our 500,000 clients will deploy workloads on a hybrid service. We don’t think it’s wrong to think about 20 percent of our clients doing that in a not particularly long timeframe and that making us one of the biggest providers of cloud services in the world. — Bill Fathers, general manager of hybrid cloud services, VMware

I think one of the things IBM learned was when their monopoly ran out and they had to compete with a bunch of smaller, more agile companies, they needed to have a different rate and pace of change. … I would argue that there are some attributes to Microsoft today that do look vaguely like IBM circa 1990. The Windows monopoly is in fact under attack, and therefore we’re going to have to change or think differently about the management systems and the associated culture of the company as time goes on. — John Thompson, newly appointment chairman of the board, Microsoft

If you focus your use of Big Data on making your customer’s life better, then your use of Big Data stays true to the social contract inherent in the golden rule. If you focus your Big Data efforts on things that solely benefit your company and not the public or your customers, then you’ve broken the social contract and have probably gone too far in using Big Data. — Andy Rusnak, Americas Enterprise Intelligence Leader, EY

The big problem with wearable tech is this: Like any new toy, everyone wants to play when it’s bright, shiny and new. But as its luster wears off, many people begin to forget about it. It becomes the thing left behind in the draw or on the shelf. … Without long-term, sustained use, it’s difficult for any company to develop a roadmap to profitability with the data generated by wearable tech. — Dana Blouin, Ph.D candidate and researcher at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand, conducting research in the Internet of Things

If you looked 10 years ago, across enterprises, 80 to 90 percent of innovation came from within the company. If you think about that now, it’s close to 50-50. In some cases the majority of innovation comes from outside the company. — Joseph Bradley, managing director of  Internet of Things  division, Cisco


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