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Notable quotes about Google, HP, Red Hat, IBM and others in the software ecosystem

By April 1, 2012Uncategorized

“Googlers are excited about the Facebook IPO, because after that, a new metric will finally come into play: revenues. … Google can’t wait for Facebook’s IPO because it will be like a starter’s gun going off for a mile race race in which Google is already four laps ahead.”
Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider blogger
“Red Hat is the first open-source based company to post $1 billion in revenues. Quite a feat for a platform Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer once called a ‘cancer’ and has repeatedly questioned the security of.”
Ed Oswald, freelance journalist
“Big Data has the potential to be highly disruptive, and those with the most to lose are the established players. Of those big players, the one that would appear to be in the best place to ride out the wave of disruption, because it is being equally innovative and cost effective, looks to be IBM.”
David Norris, practice leader – analytics, Bloor Research
“Our cost structure is not sustainable.”
Meg Whitman, CEO, Hewlett-Packard
“We’ve seen the interest level in social features rise dramatically among software developers in the last two years, until now any vendor with a developer program had better be providing features to stimulate an active social community.”
Janel Garvin, CEO, Evans Data
“Entrepreneurs in NYC and Boston, on average, if you really get to the bottom of why they are entrepreneurs, they will say things like ‘I couldn’t work for someone else, so had to work for myself,’ or ‘I knew I had it in me to build a business,’ or ‘I thought it was a better way to wealth, and to control my destiny, than working on Wall Street.’ You ask an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, and on average (particularly the good ones) will say ‘I thought I could change the world,’ or ‘I saw this industry doing something, and said there had to be a better way.’”
Steven Schlenker, managing partner, DN Capital (US) Inc.

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