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Notable quotes about Facebook, Microsoft and others in the software industry ecosystem

By March 17, 2013Uncategorized

“As companies like ECM Universe accumulate extensive archives of tweets and Facebook updates sent by actual criminals, they will also be able to predict the kinds of nonthreatening verbal cues that tend to precede criminal acts. Thus, even tweeting that you don’t like your yogurt might bring police to your door, especially if someone who tweeted the same thing three years before ended up shooting someone in the face later in the day.”
–          Evgeny Morozov, author of “To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism”
“I’ll put our scientists up against anybody’s scientists. Between what we have in Bing and MSR [Microsoft Research] we’ve got some very smart people working on some very big problems. . . . They’re [Google] in a different position to what we are, 97 percent of their revenue comes from advertising. I think 97 percent of ours doesn’t. We can probably be a little bit more disruptive to the search category than they can, or that they’re willing to be.
–          Adam Sohn, Microsoft
“Where games traditionally model the real world, organisations must now take the opportunity for their real world to emulate games. Enterprise architects must be ready to contribute to gamification strategy formulation and should try at least one gaming exercise as part of their enterprise context planning efforts this year.”
–          Brian Burke, Gartner analyst

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