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Notable quotes about Facebook, Apple, the IoT and others in the software industry ecosystem

By August 3, 2014Uncategorized

FAVORITE HEADLINE OF THE WEEK: “Churches putting faith in social media

FAVORITE FACT OF THE WEEK: Once, in a time between the invention of fire and the dawn of the iPhone, there was an age when Facebook didn’t exist. Users were forced to re-live that age on Friday afternoon when the popular social media site briefly went offline, much to their chagrin. … The Facebook site had only a simple, frustrating explanation for the outage: “Sorry, something went wrong.”


Apple has the most balanced acquisition strategy …. Overall acquisitions are rapidly becoming the new “R&D for larger, cash-swollen mobile device and ecosystem players. Through the medium term, traditional mobile device vendors will struggle to compete using only traditional internally driven research and development efforts. — Chris Ambrosio, executive director of US Consulting, Strategy Analytics

To be a tech city you need the infrastructure, you need the environment to attract people and you need a diversity of people. London and New York have that. Silicon Valley does not. — Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York

“We believe [big data analytics] is going to be an enduring problem. Data is getting created at such an astronomical rate, the quality of sensors are getting so much better … that the market for companies that have the capabilities to analyze these massive amounts of data is going to be hot now and going to be hot for the foreseeable future. — David Wodlinger, principal, Arlington Capital Partners

I believe that large corporations cannot innovate purely from within. Even at P&G, a company known for its research and marketing prowess, innovation comes 50 percent from the outside, and they’re trying to do more externally. For large companies to innovate, they have to tap the source of innovation, and that’s where startups come into play. — Hugh Park Jedwill, founder and chairman, Heartland Mobile Foundation

I am convinced now more than ever that transformative cloud offerings like Office 365, Azure, Intune and CRM Online have opened the doors to more potential customers and long term customer relationships than any previous technology throughout Microsoft’s history! — Michael Kophs, partner technology strategist, Microsoft

In so many places we see that this Internet of Things expression is simply used to convey that which we would normally refer to as embedded development. Don’t be fooled by the IT industry renaming already established conventions simply for the sake of spin. — Adrian Bridgwater, blogger,

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