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Notable quotes about Eucalyptus, Android, VMware and others in the software ecosystem

By November 28, 2011Uncategorized

“In general, I think the New York tech scene really knows how to play well with each other. I don’t see a lot of the aggressive poaching you see in Silicon Valley.”
Susan Loh, head of recruiting at Foursquare
“Virus companies are playing on your fears to try to sell you bs protection software for Android, RIM and iOS. They are charlatans and scammers. If you work for a company selling virus protection for android, RIM or iOS you should be ashamed of yourself.”
Chris DiBona, Google’s open-source guru
“[At Eucalyptus, Rackspace, or Amazon cloud projects] that’s where the interesting fights are. Here’s the thing, we came to Linux because we wanted the fight. Cloud is the cool new thing, the great free software fight […] Linux won. So, you know the next big fight is cloud. Keeping the cloud open. It’s just where the opportunities are, you know?”
Greg DeKoenigsberg, vice president of community at Eucalyptus
“VMware was the first to market, and they have essentially won that [virtualization software] market. And it will be extremely difficult for any competitor to come in and disrupt that. It is a similar position to Microsoft’s first-mover advantage in the desktop operating system.”
Derrick Wood, analyst with Susquehanna Financial Group
“I can grumble about Android from time to time, but I do not say that it sucks. Extreme views are what are annoying. Android is what it is and it’s great as it is, even though it could be different as well.”
Timo Jyrinki, Ubuntu Finland founder
“There’s a realization that angel investing in startups is probably the No. 1 thing that can gear the innovation economy and create jobs. If we want to regain our economic footing, it’s the best thing we can do.”
Dan Rosen, a former Microsoft and AT&T executive, who chairs the Seattle-based Alliance of Angels group
“Many folks have left [Twitter] in the past few months, triggering waves of FUD [fear, uncertainty, and doubt] within the ranks. There are plenty of turf wars, and a lot of strong personalities with conflicting views as to what the product is, how it works, and what it means.”
Gaarf, a web developer and ex-Twitter employee

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