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Notable quotes about email, big data, BlackBerry and others in the software industry ecosystem

By April 20, 2014Uncategorized

Big data is like teenage sex. Everyone talks about it and believes everyone else is doing it, but they themselves aren’t doing it, and don’t know exactly who is. — Dan Ariely, professor at Duke University

If European cloud customers cannot trust the United States government, then maybe they won’t trust U.S. cloud providers either.” The minute German and French governments, for instance, pledge not to invade cloud servicers inside their borders, voilà! — those foreign competitors will have a major advantage. And those competitors, such as Deutsche Telekom and France Télécom, are more than ready. — Neelie Kroes, European commissioner for digital affairs

Since I took over as CEO last year, I’ve been asked more times than I can count whether BlackBerry has a role in the rapidly changing and intensely competitive mobile market — a market BlackBerry was instrumental in creating. As our collaboration with NantHealth illustrates, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, BlackBerry’s role is more necessary than ever as our core strengths of reliability and security will be essential to the next era of computing. — John Chen, executive chair and CEO, BlackBerry   

It makes a lot more sense to install central heating and granite countertops in an old Victorian than to tear it down and start from scratch, and we believe that email is no different. New services that are building upon email rather than trying to abolish it are saving the solid redwood framing of email and working hard to install the fixtures and hardware that can provide all the modern convenience that we require. — Robert Buckley, COO, ccGenie

Being a Citizen Developer is about a lot more than just being tech savvy. Citizen Developers are leveraging not only their comfort with technology, but also their business acumen to change how businesses use technology to run their company and departments. … Given their strong career aspirations, we believe Citizen Developers will become increasingly more influential in helping reshape the software rules for companies as they rise to leadership positions within organizations. — Pete Khanna, CEO, TrackVia 

Today, America is searching to define its new manufacturing soul. Many people assume this industrial reinvigoration will come out of the tech hubs of San Francisco, Boston or New York. Trends such as micro-manufacturing powered by co-creation, however, as well as the industrial Internet are showing us that cities like Louisville can again be leaders in the Third Industrial Revolution. — Jay Rogers, CEO of Local Motors

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