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Notable quotes about Dell, Oracle and others in the software industry ecosystem

By February 10, 2013Uncategorized

“HANA’s got Larry’s number. Both day and night. Got Oracle all fussing. Beat them left and right. Got the reps scared running. Leaving us alone. Put them in their right place, y’all. Packing straight to home.”
–          From a song by Sanjay Poonen, SAP president
“Investors always intend to make money, and you better believe Michael Dell isn’t doing this just for the fun of it. After a few years of belt tightening, re-structuring, and perhaps even some product innovation (praise be!) out of public scrutiny, Dell will emerge again, smelling of roses and ready to take the public’s money in an IPO. But stagnation at many public technology companies is the rule, not the exception, and that doesn’t make for a healthy tech sector.”
–          Jeff Saginor, blogger writing about technology and policy
“The enterprise software market needs a kick in the pants,” Moran writes. “Every corner of the market is being disrupted. And that’s how it should be.”
–          Patrick Moran, vice president of marketing, New Relic
“People think these days they want to work at a startup. It’s a new hot thing. There is an ethos, like ‘Oh startups are so sexy,’ but people don’t really understand what it means. It’s a ton of grunt work, the pay is really low, a lot of startups are pressure cookers and you have to achieve results quickly. Yeah, there are some really fun parts to it, but one of the things we found is that people aren’t realistic about what working for a startup really is.”
–          Elli Sheref, co-founder, HireArt

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