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Notable quotes about cloud computing companies

By December 19, 2011Uncategorized

“As a Cloud Architect, all I have to say is that Cisco, or another networking vendor better bring the terabit connectivity, and fast! When you add the total amount of Cloud traffic that will need to flow between datacenters to the growing amount of data being replicated between SANs, you quickly realize that even 10 gigabit networks are inadequate for where we are headed.”
Ernest de Leon, technologist and serial entrepreneur
“We’re as serious about the cloud as we are about evolving our businesses. We always look a little askance when we get the question, because it always seems odd to us. Particularly as engineers, we say: ‘[The cloud is] the way the world is moving.’”
Kurt DelBene, head of Microsoft’s Office division
“The cloud security landscape is growing ever more dangerous – SSL has been compromised, insecure technologies are introduced daily, and even more highly sophisticated attacks are directly targeting private and public cloud environments. Enterprise adoption of cloud computing is more challenging than ever.”
Terry Woloszyn, founder and chief technical officer, PerspecSys
“Spaghetti code is every bit as intractable in the cloud as it is on-premise.”
Jason Bloomberg, Zapthink
“‘Because there isn’t the same degree of trust between companies (in China) as there is in the US,’ Cloud Valley’s firms are mostly limited to designing cloud computing servers and software; rarely do they run their own data centers.”
Edward Tian, Chinese Internet entrepreneur, in an interview about Beijing’s plans for “Cloud Valley” in China’s bid for dominance in the cloud

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