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Notable quotes about Cisco, HP, Deloitte and others in the software industry ecosystem

By December 28, 2013Uncategorized

I think the growth [entrepreneurship] outside the [Silicon] valley will dwarf what happens inside the valley. — Mark Cuban, billionaire and owner of Dallas Mavericks

The big cloud-computing headline is that we may soon stop using the term. Cloud has become the mainstream of computing, just as e-commerce has become the mainstream of commerce. Cloud is not an option. … The question for 2014 is how many public clouds will survive the coming shakeout. — Dana Blankenhorn, business journalist and tech reporter

Within five to 10 years, we will be printing biological structures with actual function. … There’s some fantastic work going on at Wake Forest, where they’re using that same technology of 3-D printing, and they have already printed a human kidney. It’s not ready for transplant, but I suspect, within five to 10 years, it will be. — Carl Bass, CEO, Autodesk

Beware of old tech seeking the fountain of youth. Hardware makers including Cisco Systems, IBM and Hewlett-Packard — with a combined two centuries of life among them — are increasingly falling prey to natural selection in Silicon Valley. They’re devouring smaller, newer firms to keep pace, but weaknesses are getting harder to hide. That could lead to bigger, desperate deals for richly valued business software and big data companies. — Robert Cyran, columnist for Reuters Breakingviews

We’re a big company and we’re focused on traditional consulting and technology services. But we have an aggressive strategy to expand into new areas, and we’ve identified a number of key areas to go after. And cloud is one of them. — Paul Clemmons, principal at Deloitte Consulting and head of its Emerging Technologies practice

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