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Notable quotes about Bitcoin, IBM's Watson, Apple and others in the software industry ecosystem

By January 19, 2014Uncategorized

Let’s give them [Apple] the whole calendar year. But I think that the unanimous answer among Apple investors is that this better be the year. There’s only so long the boy can cry wolf. — Daniel Ernst, principal at tech-focused Hudson Square Research

The fact that Amazon leads the cloud computing pack drives a lot of the established enterprise providers nuts. … For the established vendors seeking to matter in the cloud, the solution is simple: Take some risks. Don’t just follow your competition — build something interesting and innovative, a game-changer with clear value to customers that use cloud-based platforms. If you don’t know what to build, then hire people who can drive the creative side for you. — David Linthicum, CTO and founder, Cloud Technology Partners

I think [a bitcoin] could be easily worth $100,000. — Chris Dixon, partner, Andressen Horowitz

The innovation around SMS is phenomenal. … There are new websites coming out where independent contractors can get jobs. They sign up and they get a text, do you want this job? A plumber texts back Yes and get the phone number and the job. We also see a lot of voting, a lot of surveys. MMS [Multimedia Message Service] is also really emerging because people want that rich media experience. — Bryan Wade, SVPemail, mobile and content, ExactTarget

The most innovation that is happening in the cloud industry is happening in a handful of organizations that are operating these clouds at incredible scale. … In that environment, we have the opportunity to learn. With 50,ooo networking changes a day, you have to innovate like crazy. — Brad Anderson, corporate VP of Windows Server & System Center, Microsoft

When I look at Watson being used for research in healthcare or financial services, where deep learning is needed, I think it can have an incredible impact. But for most marketing organizations looking to interact efficiently with their customers, Watson’s like driving nails with a sledgehammer. — David Lloyd, CEO, IntelliResponse

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