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Notable quotes about big data, Microsoft, Apple and others in the software industry ecosystem

By May 31, 2014Uncategorized

We like to think of technology as a zero-sum game, but when put into the context of contributing to the top and bottom lines of organizations, that’s just not the case. If such were the case, then automobiles would have eliminated trains, and planes would have eliminated automobiles. All those technologies are still with us, and likely will be for many years to come. — Frank Petersmark, CIO advocate, X by 2

What started as buzz about big data is now turning into noise. — R “Ray” Wang, Constellation Research In.

Can’t innovate any more, my ass. — Phil Schiller, head of marketing, Apple

I’ve always wanted to have a closer relationship with Microsoft, and now we do because all these things [choice of Nadella to replace Ballmer at Microsoft, acquisition of Exact Target] have come together. — Marc Benioff, CEO,