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Notable quotes about Apple, Silicon Valley and others in the software ecosystem

By February 13, 2012Uncategorized

“As an indie developer, this totally demoralizes my passion to continue making apps for this platform, knowing that at the end of the day, all that matters is $5,000 and a bunch of bots. ”
Walter Kaman, programmer, when asked about developers’ tactics to drive up downloads and ranking of their apps in Apple’s App Store
“When someone comes into your store wearing a three-piece suit, he’s probably going to rob you. When he comes in wearing Diesel jeans and a t-shirt, he’s probably going to buy something.”
Eric Mendell, owner, Kerns Fine Jewelry, a Silicon Valley boutique catering to tech-savvy customers
“The biggest difference between Silicon Valley and Japan is when I hack something in Japan, I’ll be punished first. But in Silicon Valley, when I hack something, I will be encouraged to do more.”
Naoki Shibata, CEO, AppGrooves
“I was at the Apple Store in Union Square today trying to buy a MacBook Air. The place was packed, as always. I finally got tired of waiting and used one of their MacBook Airs to order mine from Amazon and then walked out of the store.”
–  a shopper, as told to The New York Times
“IT and business decision-makers are seeking more peer-to-peer networking opportunities to better understand the realities of moving to the Cloud. Rather than relying on analyst reports or mega-conferences to learn about . . . the Cloud marketplace, smart CIOs are gravitating to smaller venues where they can interact with their peers who are evolving their own best practices to achieve Cloud success.”
Jeff Kaplan, managing director of consulting firm, THINKstrategies
“[The historical perception of antivirus and the sometimes blind faith in its ability to detect and stop malware is one of the reasons attackers are so successful in what they do.] Antivirus has a role but many organizations make that a large role. The reality is that antivirus vendors only know about what they know about.”
Nicholas J.Percoco, Trustwave’s SpiderLabs head

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