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Notable quotes about Apple, Oracle, Tata and others in the software industry ecosystem

By August 11, 2013Uncategorized

Maybe Apple is too weighed down with being Apple and having to meet all the accompanying expectations. Maybe the company needs to flounder and fail — perhaps even really fail — before it will free enough to resume its crazy, genius, brilliant innovating. – Erika Morphy, technology writer
I just don’t believe Steve Ballmer really likes the future. … When I interviewed [him] he said innovation is something cool that makes a lot of money. And that’s absolutely not true. [Google Glass] might never make a dollar but it’s new, it’s interesting [and] it causes conversations. If you’re an innovator, you push the future ahead. You don’t care whether it necessarily makes a dollar. – Robert Scoble, startup liaison officer for Rackspace and former Microsoft evangelist
It’s a bloodbath around here.- Oracle salesperson
Oracle is a fantastic place to work and out of 120,000 employees, many come and some go regularly. – Deborah Hellinger, top Oracle PR person
Sure, we [the software analytics space] have moved from in-the-mirror business reporting on what has already happened to of-the-moment business intelligence giving insights into what is happening now. The predictive side is emerging, but slowly. It runs the risk of being by-passed by its own big-data bandwagon. – Clive Longbottom, director and founder of analyst house Quocirca
If you look at Michigan over the next few years, you’ll see Detroit and Grand Rapids both becoming epicenters of venture capital, and you’re seeing the seeds of that now. – Chris Rizik, CEO and fund manager, Renaissance Venture Capital Fund

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