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Notable quotes about Apple, Oracle, IBM, Silicon Valley and others in the software ecosystem

By August 13, 2012Uncategorized

“It appears that in this case the fault was with the security system in Apple’s iCloud. It should have been fairly obvious that this would be an accident waiting to happen. A cloud system requires two things. Firstly they have to be very secure otherwise hackers will just go in there and steal data, and secondly the creators have to have detailed expertise in networking. These are the two areas where Apple is historically rubbish.”
Nick Farrell, blogger for Fudzilla
“How many Silicon Valley elites have ever had a conversation with the people who clean their offices? Do they see their kids as having the potential to be top talent in any field?”
Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus, designer of Lotus 1-2-3, founder of SMASH (Summer Math and Science Honors Academy at US Berkeley)
“Apple’s apparent disregard for ergonomics makes its products more stressful to use — a troubling choice given the tendency for Apple users to spend long periods of time on their machines. … [Microsoft] acknowledge the fact that mice are often used for hours on end. Each has been designed to be comfortably held by a human being. Point, Microsoft. Redmond has even more of a lead in ergonomic keyboard design.”
Louie Herr, blogger, Digital Trends
“The cloud offerings of Oracle are, frankly, second-rate. … You try to build what is new alongside the old, then use your control of the customer base to give that effort a chance. … Is there a way out? … IBM managed it. But it requires serious reinvention, not tweaking around the edges.”
Dana Blankenhorn, business journalist, blogger at Seeking Alpha
“Mobility is the new area of growth to IBM, our plan is not to compete directly with software companies building solutions to mobile phones or iPads and etc. but to look at various ways through which we can work together.”
Steve Mills, vice president, IBM Software Group, in interview about IBM’s new research lab in Nairobi
“The ads [Apple commercials aired during the Olympics] are causing a widespread gagging response, and deservedly so.”
Ken Segall, an ad exec who worked with Apple and Steve Jobs for more than a decade