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Notable quotes about Apple, Oracle and others in the software industry ecosystem

By July 21, 2013Uncategorized

Announcing the death of yet another product [Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Sun Ray Software and Hardware, and Oracle Virtual Desktop Client] via a hard-to-find support document … I would have appreciated a more honest and open approach. … This is very disappointing and troubling for the healthcare and banking verticals, which has heavily invested and integrated Sun Ray desktops for its security and mobility. – Comments by two Oracle partners
[Steve] Jobs revolutionized seven industries and created the most valuable company in the world. We revere people like him, because they help create the future. Yet, they do not do it alone. One fact that often gets lost is that the basic technologies that Apple products are built on (and those of all tech firms) … were all supported or wholly developed by government programs. – Greg Satell, writer serving in senior strategy and innovation roles at the Publicis Groupe
For decades, Silicon Valley has been known as the model for entrepreneurship. But there has been an ongoing gap for Latinos to be active participants of this startup ecosystem. – Dr. Jerry Porras, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business
[C]loud computing will give way to the pattern that we’ve seen in previous phases of computing: A few big vendors will come to dominate the new era, just as they did the old. The saving grace is that it’s likely to be a new set of masters, I guess. – Charles Babcock, editor at large, InformationWeek
Much like Linux, I’d like to see OpenStack get to a point where it is just obvious that this is the place you go to contribute. I’d like to see OpenStack as the platform that the leaders stand on to drive innovation in the IT space. – Clint Byrum, HP Cloud Services

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