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Notable quotes about Apple, AWS, SAS and others in the software industry ecosystem

By January 13, 2013Uncategorized

“Most cloud providers suffer outages from time-to-time, AWS is just more scrutinized than the rest since they are the leader. However, they certainly can provide up-time statistics that compare their services with those of AWS, and other players. That’s both fair, and productive.”
–          David Linthicum, founder, Blue Mountain Labs and a GigaOM Pro analyst
“SAP risks becoming another ‘we do everything’ company — yet with a platform that is neither integrated nor complete. . . . SAP is increasingly a ‘solution looking for a problem’ . . . . ”
–          John Brand, VP and Principal Analyst serving CIOs, Forrester
“I think Apple will become the model for the successful next-generation enterprise software company. And it will not just be because of the user interface. That’s just one piece of it. The other is having an integrated model. Everything works together.”
–          Zach Nelson, CEO, NetSuite
“ . . . SAS is “an analytics powerhouse” and, along with IBM, is an ‘unshakable leader’ in the analysis of big data predictive analytics solutions.”
–          Forrester report (“The Forrester Wave: Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions, Q1 2013”)
“MDM [mobile device management] addresses the issue for trusted devices. It does not adequately address the issue of tolerated or unsupported devices.”
–       Yasmin Jetha, CIO, Bupa