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Notable quotes about Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and others in the software industry ecosystem

By July 27, 2014Uncategorized

FAVORITE HEADLINE OF THE WEEK: “Amazon’s Cloud is Growing So Fast It’s Scaring Shareholders”

FAVORITE FACT OF THE WEEK: Over the last four years, Microsoft has doubled the number of designers it employs to some 1,400. They have backgrounds as varied as filmmaking, food and footwear. While that pales in comparison to the 64,000 engineers who make up over half the company’s workforce, designers are now shaping products, building user interfaces and mocking up devices with wood and 3-D printers.


I do not think that we take the Apple-IBM tie-up terribly seriously. I think it just made a good press release. — John Swainson, head of Dell’s global software business

I think Big Data is an enabler for Mobile, which is a real disruptive wave of change. Unless Big Data is delivered within context to what consumers need right now, it is just another “digital land-fill.” This will need major innovation at the mobile UX layer and at the back end computer science layer. — Bernard Lunn, serial entrepreneur

The merger of biological and cyber, those will be viewed as disruptors; although, we all know they’ve been invested in for decades at this point. When someone finally figures out to productize it in a way. … When it goes [like the cell phone] from the brick, to something I can’t leave my house without, then it’s disruptive. — Patrick Tucker, columnist,

Samsung strategically determined the best pool of talent in the U.S would be in the Bay Area. We found that investment in Silicon Valley brought back some unique value to the business. — Bob Brennan, SVP, Samsung’s Memory System Application Lab

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