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Notable quotes about Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple and others in the software ecosystem

By October 28, 2012Uncategorized

“iPhoria is wearing off in the tablet market, and the introduction of the Surface has given Microsoft quite a few ‘cool’ points among consumers. The new Surface ads have flipped the ‘Mac vs. PC’ campaign on its head introducing intense aspiration among consumers . . . . “
–          Ace Metrix CEO
“Any of the top six vendors who thinks they’ll be in that top six five years from now for sure will be wrong. Out of the six of us at best four or three will be in the top five years from now.”
–          John Chambers, CEO, Cisco
“Does Oracle have cloud today? It says it does. But cloud means more than just running your software in a virtual environment. It means commodity hardware, a shared development approach and a clean sheet of paper, with immense savings going to the customer. It is anathema to how Oracle does business.”
–          Dana Blankenhorn, tech blogger and reporter since 1982
“I have never seen them [Amazon] directly compare products in a results release like this [the Kindle Fire HD tablet], and in so much detail clearly calling out their competitors. This shows they are taking the tablet wars very seriously.”
–          R. J. Hottovy, equity analyst, Morningstar
“I don’t think we will go back to the heydays when IT budgets could be increased every year.”
–          Steve Au Yeung, executive vice president for Asia-Pacific, Oracle

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