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4 Tech Trends for the New Hotel Age

For businesses serving the hospitality sector, growth relies on implementing and capitalizing modernized systems to improve processes and increase guest satisfaction. These are the four most important strategies to achieve this goal in 2020.

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Cloud Computing Trend 2012: Cloud Service Brokers

2012 will see the rise of the Cloud Service Broker as organizations increasingly outsource multiple processes to the cloud.

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Business Success Invariant

All commercial organizations in modern economics follow the same single invariant pattern. It doesn't matter in which industry the organization operates or what they produce ... the pattern is all about commercial success. Businesses are designed for unlimited growth... according to the population growth. This is true until the current economic model takes place - increasing the number of people and increasing the Earth's population. The invariant nature of business success is key. We created an Enterprise Design consulting service offering, which is built around the modern economic model, conformant to modern trends for IT industry and IT departments of commercial organizations.

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Do You Need a Cloud Strategy? - Part II

In Part I of "Do You Need a Cloud Strategy?", I described three inter-related steps that you will need to think through to develop a business-focused enterprise cloud strategy. In this post, I will discuss how to plan and implement your cloud computing strategy and roadmap through the lens of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA).