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Mindset Over Data Set: A Big Data Prescription for Setting the Market Pace (Enterprise Edition)

By January 21, 2014Reports

Purchase of the enterprise edition of this report ($5,000) delivers an unlimited-use license. For a single-use license ($1,995), click here.

Sand Hill Group surveyed 160 real-world practitioners and conducted in-depth interviews with executives responsible for Big Data initiatives at 25 large enterprises with combined annual revenues exceeding $1.4 trillion. Their insights and recommendations are the basis for the report’s detailed prescription for implementing and leveraging Big Data solutions.

Still new and disruptive, Big Data technology can be complex to implement and use, and the cultural and process implications can be daunting. Shorten your organization’s learning curve by following the report’s recommendations from enterprises achieving success with their Big Data initiatives. You’ll learn valuable information on such aspects as how to:

  • Assess the strategic potential of your organization’s Big Data, where your organization’s data business model resides on the data-fusion continuum and where it needs to be so it can excel in the face of competition
  • Build organizational capabilities and create a Big Data mindset
  • Align and collaboratively incorporate stakeholders across the enterprise
  • Implement competencies required for executing quickly and effectively against the plan
  • Fund your Big Data initiatives and how to contain costs without compromising results
  • Build a robust Big Data Enterprise Platform

The 54-page report is packed with charts on research findings, comments from CEOs and CIOs, use cases and steps for taking action for business transformation through business intelligence and Big Data solutions.

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