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The Next Stage of WAN Optimization

By December 2, 2011Exec Briefing

WAN optimization appliances constitute a growing market now, but the writing is on the wall: seven years from now, “WAN Optimization Controller” may barely exist as a separate category of solution. Migration of many WAN optimization and application acceleration functions into carrier/cloud services (optimization as a service), virtualization of optimization appliances, and integration of key optimization features such as traffic shaping and compression within routing, switching, and security appliances and even in operating systems make the prolonged existence of standalone WAN optimization appliances far from a sure thing.
This white paper highlights some intrinsic challenges with appliance-based optimization and describes four alternative technology strategies:

  • Optimization as a workload: virtualized appliances and point solution
  • Optimization as a feature: integrated optimization
  • Optimization as a service: managed optimization
  • Optimization as a service: cloud optimization
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