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Platform Strategy will Shape Future of OEMs: Flexibility to Drive Growth

By February 16, 2012Exec Briefing

OEMs are now focusing on intra-platform component commonality and global production flexibility. All passenger cars are built on platforms or architectures that define the core engineering of a vehicle. Traditionally, automotive OEMs have shared this engineering across products. As the global automotive industry strives to achieve economies of scale and efficient product launches, major OEMs will increasingly focus on manufacturing a larger volume of passenger cars on select global platforms (core platforms). These core platforms will be used to design and produce vehicles across segments (by size and price range) and brands on a global scale.
In this white paper, Evalueserve analyzes the consequences of platform sharing and consolidation among OEMs in the automobile industry, along with what is required for efficient platform consolidation, challenges to platform sharing and consolidation, and much more.

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