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Leveraged Engineering: Partnering for Success at Cloud Speed

By April 27, 2012Exec Briefing

The emergence of the cloud model has resulted in a major metamorphosis in the way ISVs execute their business. While the increasingly wide range of readily-acquired, quickly-deployed solutions has raised the costs of integrating and managing IT, it has also raised users’ expectations as to what is possible. For ISVs. This means that the need to innovate and integrate — at “cloud speed” — has become paramount, affecting ISVs’ business models and technology strategies to the core. The costs in money and time to grow, adapt, re-invent, and innovate at such an increasing pace are spiraling beyond the ability of even the largest ISVs.
ISVs face more than business and technology challenges; they also face a “need for speed” as users’ appetites for change and improvement accelerate. But in a cloud-driven, endless-innovation marketplace, traditional technologies, architectures, and methodologies can be as much a liability as an asset. They require an amount of time much longer than what the cloud-driven marketplace is conditioning users to accept.
This paper discusses the need for new thinking, a less-costly leveraged approach to innovation, and presents real-world examples of leading ISVs using this new approach.
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