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ISV-to-SaaS Business and Technology Success: Partnering for Speed and Innovation

By April 27, 2012Exec Briefing

The “surge toward SaaS” has of course affected ISVs. Addressing varying combinations of cloud and on-premise technology, customer, and market requirements changes ISVs’ business and technology models, strategies, and resource requirements. These include the complexities of new or different architecture types to support multiple customer and partner needs, as well as new types of business structures and operational needs, as ISVs shoulder responsibilities for service provision as well as developing and delivering software.
This paper explains how and why midsized and larger ISVs benefit from partnering and outsourcing significant aspects of their strategic and tactical business and technology requirements, in order to be able to compete and thrive in these rapidly evolving markets.
It then guides ISVs into effective partnering that can cost-effectively reduce SaaS offering time to market by providing an effective mix of technologies, skills, and innovative approaches to software architecture and development that few ISVs can afford on their own.
For more information please contact Sawan Deswal, senior practice manager – Cloud Computing Services & Solutions, Wipro at To learn more about Wipro’s complete portfolio of SaaS and cloud solutions, visit

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