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Innovation for Growth: The Challenge of Sustained Growth and the Increasingly Important Role of Innovation Enablers

By April 17, 2012Exec Briefing

Accelerated innovation is less of an option and more of a necessity for growth. Fusing core products/technologies with unanticipated technological shifts has redefined the innovation process and has moved it beyond the environs of brick-and-mortar R&D labs.
Apple is considered one of the most innovative companies in the world today. Is Apple a strong technology innovator? Or, has it managed to transform itself by exploring innovations that are at the cusp of evolving, often unrelated, technologies?
In recent years, organizations are finding new ways to innovate successfully and frequently. Such organizations, often struggle with two key questions while embracing the culture of innovation. These questions are:

  • Within an organization, whose responsibility is it to innovate?
  • How can an organization constantly bring out new innovations, given the limitations of the internal R&D?

This paper aims to address the above two questions, and highlight the role of technology surveillance as an innovation strategy.

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