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Palo Alto International Film Festival

By May 4, 2012Events

SandHill is proud to be a sponsor of The Palo Alto Int’l Film Festival. PAIFF has a strong technology focus that features a film series, talk series, interactive art expo, and an educational youth program. The film program will showcase 50 films that utilize the latest technology in cinema, take creative risks, or tell stories about science and innovation.
The speaker series will feature conversations between filmmakers and technology professionals. Speakers will include professionals from companies like Pixar, LucasFilms, NASA, YouTube, Twitter, venture capital firms, and emerging startups.
The interactive art expo will showcase cross-platform projects, games and installations that utilize new digital and online tools. Finally, the Youth Program brings the festival into the classrooms and offers screenings and workshops to students. The program is designed to increase media literacy, promote collaboration and experimentation, and introduce a broad range of art and technology to a young audience.
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