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2nd Annual Business of Cloud Computing

Location: Dallas Marriott City Center, Dallas, TX

“From Transformation to Sustainability” – At this forum, executives share their experiences making and implementing this crucial business decision. Built on our inaugural event in 2011 that provided the best user-perspective on cloud computing, this forum will dive deeper into issues of security, governance, integration with legacy products, migration, and interoperability. Again we’ll look at all these issues dynamically – from the vantage point of the business as well as from the IT department.

At Cloud Computing 2012, decision-makers will learn:

• How leading-edge organizations are addressing the challenges of the cloud

• What cloud models and service providers are mature enough to handle your business – and which are not

• What are the best approaches to maintain effective GRC in a cloud world

• How IT departments have adapted to the organizational impact of cloud computing

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