What Consumers Say about Apple Watch, iPad Pro, iPhone 6S Now that Marketing Dust has Settled

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Apple never ceases to impress consumers with its “cool kids only” marketing approach and general exclusive-club behavior; but once the buzz of a new product dies down and long-term consumer experience has set in, more authentic consumer feedback can be achieved. Hence, why Toluna QuickSurveys polled 1,000 Apple users nationally on some of the brand’s hottest 2015 product launches. 

Overall, consumers remain impressed by the iPhone but are less moved by sister products like the Apple Watch and iPad Pro. 

A product feedback breakdown: 

Apple Watch – Most aren’t impressed, and others don’t seem to care either way

Impression of overall look

  • Impressed – 64%
  • Unimpressed – 20%
  • No opinion – 16% 

Favorite feature

  • 15% say the reply to email feature is their #1 favorite
  • 15% say the customization of readily available apps and info on the home screen is their #1
  • 12% say Airstrip is their #1 

Least favorite feature

  • 14% say the new design collaboration with Hermes
  • 12% say the rose gold and gold finishes
  • 12% say the sport model band 

In a nutshell: millennials more likely than other age groups to purchase:

  • 18-34 years: 40%
  • 35-54 years: 33%
  • 55+ years: 27%
  • Of millennial males, 76% say they’d purchase; of females, 57% say they’d purchase 

iPad Pro – While people are generally impressed, most have no plans to buy 

Impression of overall look

  • Impressed – 65%
  • Unimpressed – 15%
  • No opinion – 19% 

Response to iPad Pro features

  • 40% are satisfied with both the overall look and new features
  • 13% satisfied with overall look, but unsatisfied with new features
  • 10% don’t think the iPad Pro seems much different from the last iPad model 

Favorite feature of iPad Pro

  • 15% say 10-hour battery life
  • 11% say the 12.9-inch display 

Least favorite feature of iPad Pro

  • 3% say the WiFi connection speed
  • 4% say the colors (silver, grey and gold) 

Would you consider buying the iPad Pro?

  • 47% – No
  • 22% – Yes
  • 31% – Possibly; I’ll wait and see 

iPhone 6S – Consumers are still split about 50/50 on Apple for their smartphone 

Impression of iPhone 6s overall look

  • 51% – impressed
  • 23% – unimpressed
  • 26% – no opinion 

Response to iPhone 6s features

  • 33% satisfied with both overall look and new features
  • 4% unsatisfied with overall look but satisfied with new features
  • 11% satisfied with overall look but unsatisfied with new features
  • 24% have no opinion
  • 10% don’t think Apple has done enough to justify this new iPhone model
  • 15% don’t think it seems much different from the iPhone 6
  • 3% unsatisfied with both overall look and new features 

Impression of iPhone 6s Plus overall look

  • 51% – impressed
  • 25% – unimpressed
  • 24% – no opinion 

Favorite features of 6s/6s Plus

  • 31% say 3-D Touch
  • 26% say strongest cover glass yet 

Least favorite features of 6s/6s Plus

  • 44% say color options
  • 12% say live photos 

Plan to purchase iPhone 6s or 6s Plus

  • 40% – Yes
  • 41% – No
  • 19% – Not sure 

Would you stand in a long line the day of the release to purchase one?

  • 44% say yes
  • 21% say no, they’d pre-order it
  • 27% say definitely not
  • 8% say not sure 

Phil Ahad is SVP at Toluna QuickSurveys. Prior to joining Toluna QuickSurveys in 2011, Phil held many senior-level marketing roles for companies such as AOL, comScore, CoStar Group and most recently Medmarc Insurance Group. 











By Joel S

Sorry, but if 64% of respondents were impressed with the overall look of the Apple Watch, why do you say “most aren’t impressed?”

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