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The Internet of Things is Not the Next Big Story for the Internet

By June 23, 2015Article

The next-gen Internet (NGI) will subsume the Internet of Things. Coupled with the new emerging frontiers of big data, NGI will change everything. This will take us to a new place for commerce, service and industry. It will radically change supply chains and supply chain thinking. There will be a gold rush to harvest the massive existing profit pools.

The NGI will not just be about tech but also about anthropology – yes, anthropology. It will change us at that fundamental level. As in any Schumpeterian cycle, there will be creativity and there will be destruction. Which side of that you land on will depend on how well you understand this new future and how agile/ready you are for it.

In my new thought leadership commentary, “The Internet of Things Isn’t,” I posit a scenario that goes beyond the IoT and outlines what the next-gen Internet will be. I will tell you why Uber was born on third base and thinks it hit a triple. I will tell you an important story about raspberry pies. I present a glimpse into changes the NGI era will require in business thinking, design/product development and basic architectural approaches. And you’ll understand what will anchor successful new companies while others will “Kodak” themselves.

Click here to download my commentary, “The Internet of Things Isn’t,” and find out how you can reap great rewards in this new world.

Toby Redshaw is CEO of Kevington Advisors and a leading authority on innovation, agility and leveraging modern IT for competitive advantage. He has 30 years’ experience leading technology-intensive efforts in change-intensive environments from both business and CIO perspectives at FedEx, Motorola, American Express and Aviva as well as several startups. He has served on several boards, both private and public. Toby is chairman emeritus of the Kellogg Innovation Network and was chairman of the RosettaNet Council in Telecomm. Contact him at




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