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The Enterprise 2020 Report: Software CEO Briefing

By March 11, 2020Article, Reports

Pranay Ahlawat, Sesh Iyer, Thomas Reichert, and Rajko Radovanovic – Boston Consulting Group
Bruce Fram and M.R. Rangaswami – Sand Hill Group


AI in the Enterprise: Show Them the Money


The annual 2020 Enterprise Retreat in Half Moon Bay, CA is an invite-only charitable meeting for 100 enterprise leaders.

March 8-10 2020, leaders gathered in a social-media free environment to network, discuss hot topics and dive into provocative, insightful off-the-record ‘State of the Union’ presentations. 

The findings of Enterprise 2020 revealed that AI is already transforming pioneering companies into digital enterprises. This transformation will continue across mainstream organizations, creating a massive opportunity for software vendors and customers, alike. 

This report shows the latest research-driven insight into how progressive businesses can improve customers’ business value and own top-line revenue and market share.


Reality Bites – The numbers on AI goals versus actions
Build the Right Thing – The AI offerings customers want, and why
Humans Drive Success – The key to an AI-powered digital enterprise

Stop Building, Start Transforming – Lessons for Software CEOs.  


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