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Shirish Netke


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   President and CEO of Amberoon Inc.


Fintech in 2017: Risk management takes center stage

Biggest Risks for Software Buyers in 2016

Biggest Risks for Software Vendors in 2016

A PreReview of 2016 in Global Business and Technology

Bold Moves of Software’s Biggest Disrupters

2016 Software Predictions: Breakthroughs, Threats, Convergence

Software’s Frontrunners: Game-Changers and Rainmakers in 2016

The Sand Hill 25 Bitcoin Innovative Disrupters

Bitcoin: Mad, Bad but not a Fad

2015 Year in “PreReview” in Technology

10 Tips on How Software Buyers Can Deal with Tech Change in 2015

Prediction: Software Vendor Battles Will Dominate 2015

The Sand Hill IoT 50 Needle Movers

Internet of Things Needle-Mover Opportunities

Selecting a Chief Analytics Officer — You Are What You Analyze

Sand Hill Big Data Study: Mindset over Data Set

Sand Hill 50 “Swift and Strong” in Big Data

2014 Year in “PreReview” for Big Data Analytics

Winning Moves of Software Leaders in 2011

Meet the Challengers for Software Market Share in 2012

Banking on Change: Software IT Spending Predictions for 2012

Mobile BI – Business KPIs and Dashboards “On the Go”

Executing a BI CoE (BI Shared Services or BI Competency Center)




























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