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   Christopher Lochhead, Al Ramadan and Dave Peterson are co-founding partners at Play Bigger Advisors


The 6-10 Law: Data Science Reveals How Age and Money Impact Startup Value Creation

10 Opinions on Software Scene in 10 Years

Biggest Risks for Software Buyers in 2016

Biggest Risks for Software Vendors in 2016

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Software’s Biggest Headline Winners in 2015

How to Create and Dominate Markets

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Four Crucial Sales and Marketing Decisions for Software Startups

Ask the Experts: Salesforce Acquisition

The Reality of Tech’s Big League

Ask the Experts: Pebble Smartwatch

Back to the Future: Software Moves as Catalysts for Driving Change

The Battle Heats Up: Predictions on Winning Software Startups in 2013

2013: A “Plan B” Year for Software Firms

The Software Spending Pulse for 2013

8 Perspectives on Software Vendors to Watch in 2013

Change Reigns: Software Industry Predictions for 2013

Seven Traps CEOs Hit When Shopping at the CMO Store

Positioning to Win: The Secret Power of a Point of View






















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