SandHill Contributor: Jon B. Fisher

Jon Fisher   Jon B. Fisher’s SandHill Articles

    CEO and co-founder of CrowdOpticmanaging director of Teahupoo LLC.  



Why Big Brother’s next Manhattan Project is augmented reality

2016 Software Predictions: Breakthroughs, Threats, Convergence

Ask the Experts: Pebble Smartwatch

Ever Wonder What Happened to Google Glass?

Innovation Act and Jon Fisher’s Public Testimony to House Judiciary Committee

Wearables in 2015: The Real Power of Streaming Video Lies in Computing

Achieving Patent (Parent) Hood

Google Glass Tops Wearable Tech Trends in 2014

CrowdOptic’s JonFisher Warns Software Startup CEOs: Buck the Trends

When is the Right Time to Launch a Software Startup?

Calculating Ownership of a Startup Company

Choose a Strategic Customer for Collaboration

The Boom-or-Bust Mentality of an IPO

Startup Advice: Think Solution First

Strategic Entrepreneurism in the New Economy






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