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SaaS Accounts for 3/4 of Software IPOs

By March 8, 2018Article

According to a new analysis from Software Equity Group, 2014 was considered “the best year of the decade for IPOs” according to PWC, buoyed by strong global public markets and increasing investor confidence. There were 276 IPOs during the year.

SEG’s “IPO Activity Snapshot” report shows softening in years since, and then a rebound in 2017, with 181 companies going public (a 77% YOY increase).

However, 2017 U.S. Tech and B2B SaaS and software (a subset of US Tech) IPO volume remained sluggish as foreign markets (Asia and Europe in particular) attracted an increasing percentage of global tech IPO’s during the year, along with a plethora of U.S. based software industry “Unicorns” continuing to remain private.

Importantly, SaaS companies comprise nearly 75% of all US B2B SaaS and software IPOs in the last 5 years. Click on the chart thumbnails below for more details and click here to download Software Equity Group’s complete analysis on the past five years of SaaS and software IPOs. 



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