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Industrial AI Consortium Note

By August 1, 2019Article

An India you did not know about

  • Did you know about the autonomous electrical vehicle startup with a young 17-year-old as one of the cofounders ?
  • Did you know about the IIT Chennai incubated startup specializing in pipeline intelligence undergoing field tests in Houston with a major global oil and gas company investing in it?
  • Did you know about the underwater robotic startup making waves in Oil and Gas and Defense verticals?
  • Did you know about the space startup which is planning to launch rockets for 2 million?
  • Did you know about the Indian startup rated among the top 3 in the world in AI for Oil and Gas intelligence?

Ati motors, Detect, Eyerov, Bellatrix, Stelae technologies, Exactspace and Flutura are among a set of undiscovered “kohinoors” startups that are changing the way Industrial Operations are executed.

This new wave of companies are called Industrial AI Companies – companies which are impacting business outcomes in the Industrial sector – Power, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Steel, Mining, Defense/Avionics.

There are 4 types of companies in this cohort:

  1. Robotic startups
  2. Autonomous vehicle startups
  3. Space intelligence startups
  4. Sensor AI startups
  5. Why is this important?

This is very important for 3 reasons:

In the next 3 years, Industrial AI applications will start eclipsing Consumer AI applications in terms of dollar impact. India has the opportunity to be among the top 3 clusters for Industrial AI unlocking billions of dollars for large industrial/”big iron” companies as we call it

In order to build game-changing industrial startups, 2 types of skillsets need to blend gracefully – Engineering knowledge and AI knowledge. Engineering domain knowledge in the areas of electrical, hydraulic and thermal subsystems. AI knowledge in terms of building autonomous sense and respond to layers. This blend of skills India is among the top 3 in the world today

Companies like, BB, Honeywell, Airbus, Daimlier Benz, BP and Shell are already engaged with these startups to solve some of their pressing problems which keep them awake at night

What does the future hold for these companies?

AI has been making exponentially entering into retail, telecom, banking, heathcare sectors and massively impacting business outcomes. The “Big Iron” industrial sector like Oil and Gas, Mining, Refining, Automotive, Defense/Avionics etc which are a significant part of any national economy are just getting started with injecting AI into their processes and equipment. India has an opportunity to be among the top 3 leaders in the global stage in Industrial AI which it could not capture in Consumer AI. We look forward to your support in making this a reality.


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