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Get Your Professional Services Right Sourced

By January 27, 2013Article

At long last, the budget to integrate your Oracle ERP with your system has been approved. Due to your financial savvy, you were even able to sneak long-needed upgrades into the mix. Great work, but don’t pat yourself on the back just yet.
Your Java developer just quit, you realize that a hard-coded integration isn’t going to outlast the programmer who created it, and your existing technology cannot provide the flexible and future-proof solution you require, and your best project manager is on maternity leave.
You need help. You need professional services, and you need them now. Whom do you turn to?
Too many professional service companies rely heavily on one mode of service delivery — either strategic consulting or project implementation, either project management or project staffing, either onsite or offsite specialists. Yet, typically a mix may be just what you need.
While it’s especially important to control costs in today’s economy, quality and budget are not polar opposites. Getting quality on a budget depends on finding the right mix of different modes of professional services. You really don’t have to be in the “faster, better, cheaper — pick two” situation when you outsource. You need someone who will give you exactly what you need, when you need it, at a budget you can afford, all within the necessary time frame.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to one source for experts on your different ERP and CRM systems, data migration, application development and project management? Wouldn’t it be great if one service provider can take overall responsibility for reliable project delivery and ensure quality of service?
“Right sourcing” delivers just the right blend of services for the optimal solution, value and price. With right sourcing, you get the right blend of strategic consulting and project implementation, project management and staffing, customization and off-the-shelf, onsite/offsite, and offshoring/near shoring.
When you look for a managed service provider, consider these pointers:

  • Find someone willing to tailor their approach to exactly what you need. If they disagree with your approach to the project, find out why. You may think you need an iOS developer, an Android developer and a Windows 8 developer. Your managed services company may say, “Forget that. We know of a great tool that lets you do all that with only one person.” You’re hiring them for their expertise, and this can save time, money and headaches down the road. Welcome the prospect of a different approach.
  • Find an organization large enough with expertise in all the areas you need. They will be able to objectively analyze your situation and make concrete suggestions about where their services can truly make an impact.
  • Be realistic and clear. Ensure all deliverables and the related time lines are clearly defined to establish a good working relationship. It’s always easier when everyone knows what is expected of them and when.

Good luck and good right sourcing.
Regev Yativ is President and CEO of Magic Software Enterprises Americas. Magic provides powerful and versatile enterprise-grade application and data integration solutions.

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