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FlowVella Launches iPhone Interactive Mobile Presentation App Optimized for Phablets

By March 22, 2016Article

Exclusive to SandHill FlowVella, the mobile-first presentation platform, launched its iPhone app today, giving users the ability to build, edit and present rich app-like presentations on the go, even without an Internet connection. The new iPhone app optimizes the platform for bigger devices – so-called “phablets” – enabling the estimated 250 million users who have opted to use larger screens the ability to design beautiful experiences that go way beyond simple slide shows or bulleted lists of text.

Brent Brookler“The mobile phone is the computer you always have with you. Now, with larger handsets like the iPhone 6S, 6 Plus and up, more advanced productivity apps like FlowVella are here to revolutionize what is possible on your phone,” says Brent Brookler, CEO and founder at FlowVella. 

FlowVella iphone screenshot 3FlowVella is quick and intuitive for creating presentations, stories, reports or any type of content using a few familiar touches and gestures. Presentations, or “flows,” are full of any kind of multimedia: animated GIFs, video, audio, PDFs and, of course, words and images. It allows users to add content from almost any cloud platform including Dropbox, Box, Google Image Search, OneBox, YouTube and others. The app also offers advanced analytics and alerts to see how presentations perform and when important prospects are interacting with the presentation. 

FlowVella presentations are primarily shared via URL, which means no big files to share over email, and presentations can be updated instantly. FlowVella also offers a feature to export to PDF. Viewers can either launch the app to view the presentations or view on any device via a Web player. FlowVella is truly a mobile-first presentation maker, not a port of a desktop and mouse application.

FlowVella is free to download for the iPhone, iPad and Mac and has three optional paid membership plans: Premium, Pro and Teacher.

  • Premium – ($5/month) allows unlimited flows, unlimited screens, privacy options, analytics and more
    Pro – ($20/month) for sales and marketing professionals and unlocks deeper tracking and alerts, integration with CRM tools and the ability to create a group/team of users for private group sharing of presentations  

It works online or offline. It’s already a leader in the iPad, Mac and Apple TV stores. As the number-one feature asked for by customers, the launch extends and completes the company’s other two successful applications – FlowVella for iPad and FlowVella for Mac – by allowing projects to be started on one device and quickly edited or updated on another.

Brent Brookler is CEO and founder at FlowVella. He is a product-focused entrepreneur with deep domain expertise in mobile applications and the mobile ecosystem. After years of building and managing some of the biggest branded apps on mobile, Brookler is now focused on innovating presentation software through his company FlowVella, an interactive presentation software platform with apps for the Mac, iPad, iPhone and the Web.










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