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Did Apple Just Blow a Trillion-Dollar Category?

By February 1, 2018Article

Alexa just crushed Siri, with profound implications. 

Amazon had 75% of the smart speaker category before Thanksgiving. Then Amazon dropped the price to $30 and the Echo Dot became the number one selling product this holiday season. 

Not only is Amazon is the category queen in smart speaker, having crushed Google, Amazon has also made Apple’s HomePod product dead on arrival. (Click here to read more of my feelings on why “Categories make companies.”

Given screenless software is one of the hottest software sectors of 2018, and the fact that the smart speaker is becoming the gateway drug to the smart home, Amazon is perfectly positioned to dominate the emerging smart home category.  

With a potential market of over a trillion dollars in time, Apple’s failure could go down as one of the biggest blunders in business.

Click here to listen to Episode 111 – Unlocked: Did Apple Just Blow a Trillion-Dollar Category? of Lochhead’s always-entertaining podcast and one of the under-reported tech stories of the past quarter.


Christopher Lochhead is the host of “The Podcast Silicon Valley Needs”, Legends & Losers, co-author of Harper Collins’ Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets, and a retired three-time Silicon Valley, public company CMO.  Click here to listen to Lochhead’s podcast on this and other controversial tech business topics.


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